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Covert Leads Review | Skyrocketing Your Sales And Leads!

Covert Leads Review

Welcome To My Blog This Is Covert Leads Review. Here you will be informed about its key features, Benefits, what it can for you and my honest opinion. My goal is to bring you the right product so that you can make the right decision and save you unnecessary money or time. 

Are you tired of struggling to generate the most traffic, sales and leads for your marketing campaigns? Do you want to get extra 20000 email subscribers? 

Covert Leads the discover how to INSTANTLY get more leads and skyrocket your profit from any website using one of the most proven strategies used by all “Authority Sites”

This is PROVEN strategy combined with our step-by-step web-app so that anyone can use the Power of Pop-up Marketing!

Without Having to Do ANY Additional Work Besides Having An Effective Pop-up Campaign in Place?

Those are the type of INSTANT RESULTS that adding just a simple Exit Pop can do for your business. And you’re just MINUTES away from being able to create your first campaign. For more details keep continue with us.

Covert Leads Review-What Is It?

Covert Leads the discover how to INSTANTLY get more leads and skyrocket your profit from any website using one of the most proven strategies used by all “Authority Sites”

Without Having To Do ANY Additional Work, Without Having To Get ANY More Traffic And it takes Under 5 minutes To Deploy!

  • Quickly And Easily Deploy Website Overlay Campaigns To Skyrocket Your Leads And Sales
  • Leverage One of the MOST Proven Strategies Used By ALL The BIG Authority Sites To Maximize The Traffic, Leads And Sales 
  • Instantly Offer Discounts and Special Offers As Soon As Visitors Land On Your Pages To Increase Your Profits Instantly 
  • Use One of our PROVEN Templates To Quickly Deploy Your First Campaign In a Matter of Minutes! 
  • FULLY-Customize How You Want Your Pop-Up Overlays To Deploy To Maximize Your Leads
  • Limited-Time Offer To Unlock UNLIMITED Use For UNLIMITED Sites With Agency Rights AT A HUGE Discount! 

Covert Leads Review-The Overview

Product NameCovert Leads
Vendor NameJashua Zamora
Launch Date2024-June-06
Launch Time11:00 EDT
Front End Price$34.95
Official SiteClick Here
SkillAll Level (Newbie or Expert)
SupportEffective Response
BonusYes Included
Refund30 day money back guarantee
RecommendationHighly Recommended
Rating9.6 out of 10

Covert Leads Review-How Does It Work?


Login To Our Web-Based App

This is the easiest step of them all and you’re minutes away from receiving your login details.

As long as you have a computer and an internet connection, you’ll be able to access our web-app.


Connect Your Domain And Autoresponder Account that You Want To Use To Monetize and/or Get More Leads For

This step also takes just a few seconds. Our App integrates via API with Sendiion and Aweber if you’d like to have your leads sent DIRECTLY into your accounts on there. However, we ALSO integrate with ANY autoresponder service on the market via our HTML Form option. All you have to do is just copy/paste the HTML optin form from your autoresponder and you’re good to go.

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Choose From one Of our PROVEN, Built-in Templates to Quickly And Easily Create and Customize Your Pop-Up Overlay Campaign

Not only do we have a TON of built-in templates to make this process as simple as possible, we’ve also built-in a ton of customization options that allows you to control went to show the pop-up, how to position your pop-up, when to show the pop-up again if someone closes it, if you want it to show on just desktop, mobile or both, if you want to show it to specific countries only, have it show on specific pages and much much more!! We’ve built-in ALL the most important customization options to allow you to maximize your leads and sales!


Copy Your Pop-Up Overlay Code And Paste It Onto Your Website To INSTANTLY Start Skyrocketing Your Leads and Sales

This is the most exciting step because it means that you’re ready to deploy your campaign. And we’ve made this as simple as possible as well by just simply copying and pasting the pop-up code onto the “header section of your site”.

And the best part is that our code will work for ANY website. Whether it’s built on WordPress, Blogger, Square, ClickFunnels, or ANY other website or page builder.

Major Benefits-Covert Leads Review

Our platform TRULY ensures that you maximize EVERY SINGLE visitor that lands on your website just like the “big sites” do! 

Within a matter of MINUTES, you’ll be able to deploy a Pop-up that offers an INSTANT discount code to NEW visitors that land on your site. 

You’ll be able to offer a special offer for visitors that STAY on your site and visit specific PAGES on your site! 

AND you’ll even be able to ensure that you capture or monetize the traffic that goes to LEAVE your site by offering them to join your email list in exchange for a free gift or offer them a last-minute coupon code BEFORE they leave your site. 

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And you Can Use It To Deploy ALL Kind of Campaigns To Profit BIG With VERY Little Extra Work On Your Page Once Your Campaign is Deployed: 

  • Exit Pop-Up Campaigns To Generate Leads 
  • Deploy An INSTANT Newsletter Subscription form for ALL new Website Visitors 
  • Offer an EXCLUSIVE Discount Code To New Visitors And Capture Sales RIGHT AWAY 
  • Show EXCLUSIVE Discounts To Visitors Who Are Browsing Specific Pages or Products On Your Site 
  • Show SPECIFIC Offers To SPECIFIC Countries To Get REALLY Targeted Sales 
  • Show An EXCLUSIVE Offer To Visitors Who Spend A Specific Amount of Time On Your Website And Entice Them To BUY
  • Display A Specific Offer If They CLICK On A Specific Element On Your Website 
  • Display A “Hidden” Offer is they just HOVER Their Mouse Over A Specific Area of your Website 
  • Show An Exclusive Offer If They’ve been ‘Idle” on your website for too long because they had to step away from their screen and Lure them Back In To Buy MODE 

We’ve Truly Built An Absolute CONVERSIONS Monster That Ensures You Maximize The Profit of EVERY Single Website Visitor That Lands On Your Website!!

Covert Leads Review-Sales Funnel and Commissions

OTOs And Pricing

Front End: Covert Leads Agency

$34.95-50% commission

The FE is going to be access to our main Covert Leads platform with Agency rights.

This will allows your customers to use covert leads on a certain # of sites.  

You’ll also be able to use our platform for your clients.

OTO1: Covert Leads Agency+

 $1 trail-$47/mo

50% commission (with 25% after month1)

Upgrade #1 will be allow your customers to unlock UNLIMITED rights to Covert Leads. That means unlimited Sites with UNLIMITED Campaigns, UNLIMITED Leads, UNLIMITED Autoresponders, ALL Our Templates – EVERYTHING!  

OTO2: Covert Leads HiJacker

$97-50% commission

Upgrade #2 will be a special PRE-LAUNCH deal for a POWERFUL feature that we are currently working to finalize over the next 30-60 days. We couldn’t fit it into this initial launch and we didn’t want to rush it, however users will be able to LOCK this in at a HUGE discount before we even release it. 

This feature is going to allow users to HIJACK any URL on the internet and place THEIR pop-ups over those sites. Yup, ANY page on ANY website with YOUR pop-up on it. 

Viral Content from news sites, authority blogs, tech sites – ANY url, with YOUR pop-up! This means you can profit and/or collect leads without EVER having to even create a website or ANY content! 

OTO3: Sendiio 3.0 Exclusive


Upgrade #3 will be a special discount deal for Sendiio 3.0 so they can have their leads sent directly to their lists inside of Sendiio and start profiting from those leads right away.  

Unlimited Bundle Offer


Bump Offer to Sendiio

$47-50% commssion

Exclusive Bonuses-Covert Leads Review

When You Secure Your Account TODAY, You’ll also be Securing These Exclusive, Limited-Time Bonuses

Covert Leads Review
Covert Leads Review
Covert Leads Review

Covert Leads Review-Unlimited Bundle Deal Special

Covert Leads Review

Money Back Guarantee-Covert Leads Review

Covert Leads Review

Frequently Asked Question-Covert Leads Review

Does Covert Leads Work with WordPress Only?

No. We’ve built Covert Leads to work with ANY website CMS or ANY page builder that you use. As long as you can copy/paste our code into the header or footer area of your page, it’ll work for you.

What kind of campaigns can I create with Covert Leads?

With Covert leads you can truly maximize EVERY single website visitor that comes to your website. You can create Exit-pop offers, instant newsletter-signup pop-ups, discount pop-ups, pop-ups for specific pages, pop-up for specific countries, show a pop-up offer to visitors who browse your site for a specific amount of time and much much more. This tool is truly versatile so your visitors get MULTIPLE chances to buy your products and services.

What Are The Upgrades/OTOs?

We were truly thinking about creating a full funnel for Covert leads with 3-4 upgrades that allows you to unlock additional, advanced features, unlock more sites, more pop-ups, more templates etc.

We could have easily limited this app in multiple different ways to be able to create a “funnel” for it.

However, we decided to just go directly to our bundle deal and throw in ALL of our features plus throw in UNLIMITED use of the ENTIRE platform AND offer it at a HUGE, Limited-time discount.

Conclusion-Covert Leads Review

Thank you for taking the time to read Covert Leads Review article. I have provided you with enough information about this amazing product. My goal is to bring you the right product so that you can make the right decision and save you unnecessary money or time. 

So I hope You will take the final decision positively. If you found this article helpful, don’t forget to share it with your friends. I’m sending you my best wishes. Good luck to you and see you in my next article.

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